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Deliver solutions to digital inclusion challenges in Manawatu


Digits has grown since its inception and when it was identified from local census data that almost 22% of the school aged families in just one ward of Palmerston North were being significantly disadvantaged by being unable to readily afford internet access. Banking, government and learning services are more and more only being delivered by the web but corners of our ‘modern’ society were slipping further behind.

A group of like- minded individuals formed a working group with the vision of digitally enabling qualifying families with school aged children to have their own home technology which enabled whanau to leverage the social and educational benefits that technology offers. The Digits service was thus born.

Children Learning

My children are learning all the time and they now do everything online and being a mum with no training, I have been able to  learn how to do things in word and to get my vaccination card, print it and change it to colour and I'm also writing stories. The children are confident and now teaching me. In the school holidays it has been good to be able to have devices.

At Tawhero school it's compulsory to bring your own device and it's been most beneficial instead of borrowing school property. I rate Digits 100%. It's affordable and if we have any problems I can come to you. With 4 devices required I would have had to get a loan and that is a hassle and I have been budgeting for 1 year. It's stress free and I feel a part of the group and have a good feeling with others. My whanau all love catching up with friends on messenger. They have even been researching holidays and where we can go on holiday. I am saving for this.

Love Digits

I rate Digits 100% as we have had prompt communication, you are reliable, and provide a great service. The children didn't have any idea how to use a device when they got it, they had only ever used a mouse and that was it. So they started as a 1 in confidence levels and now at a 7. They do all their programmes through school, all mathmatics, reading eggs etc. Access is essential for my children and the Seesaw programme. Once paid off she would like to offer her payments for another family.

The Difference

My son was the only child at Manchester that didn't have a device and you have no idea how much it has made a difference to him. He now feels a million bucks and I don't know whether you realise how it changes lives.

My son looks up things all the time and shares this with his parents. It is such a buzz for him and when he got the device he said it was the best day of his life and walking on clouds. I told him he needs to look after it for which he does and wipes it with a soft cloth. It took him a little while to get used to it and he had used a chromebook previously at Manchester Street School but they didn't have 1 for every kid. The school decile is high and some kids looked down on you if you don't have the flashest stuffed.

It has made such a difference for him and he felt stink with no device. In regards to internet safety she has a rule in the house and says to him that at any stage mum dad will check browsing history and they don't have any problems. We will always remember who we got a chromebook from.

Referral from WINZ

I saw a mum going to winz for a chromebook and they turned them down, but winz had suggested Digits which she had never heard about. Once she found us she said she found the process so easy, and Priyanka who took her son and her through the induction was lovely. W have never had any problems with the device and her son is using it for school, it is his favourite thing. He has now started at North Street school and only a few there own their Chromebook. He knows that mum had to pay it off and he told her how grateful he was and knows that mums struggle.